Jerzy Marcin Majewski

Jerzy Marcin Majewski, attorney-at-law, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in 1975. After graduation, he worked for 6 years as an assistant at the Institute of State and Law Theory of the Adam Mickiewicz University. At that time, he completed additional training for a judge, training for a legal counsel at the National Economic Arbitration and a supplementing training for a prosecutor. In 1982, he began a full-time training for an attorney-at-law. In 1987, he started his law practice, running a first in Poland individual law firm, operating outside the structures of the teams of lawyers.

In his professional practice, he focused on commercial law, arbitration issues and was a defender in penal cases related to economic crime. Mr. Jerzy Marcin Majewski also worked socially, establishing, inter alia, Wielkopolskie Towarzystwo Gospodarcze Spółek Zarobkowych. He was the first elected President of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce. He was the founder and for 12 years the President of the Permanent Arbitration Economic Court of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In consideration of his work for the development of the local government, he was awarded with the Golden Badge of Honour of the National Chamber of Commerce and the Medal of Merit for services for Wielkopolskie Voivodship.

In 2009, Mr. Jerzy Marcin Majewski was entered in the list of registered lobbyists of the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation. In the Polish Sejm, acting under authority of the Supreme Bar Council, he carried out successful lobbying on the Act on Court Fees (against liquidation of court fee stamps), the Act amending the Code of Civil Procedure (against the obligation to indicate the PESEL number of the defendant in the first pleading), the Act amending the Code of Penal Procedure (against granting the defending counsel’s rights to professional legal counsels in penal matters). He was appointed by the Supreme Bar Council to the team in charge of preparing a request to the Constitutional Court to examine the constitutionality of the regulations amending the Code of Penal Procedure. He was awarded the badge of Adwokatura Zasłużonym (Bar for the Distinguished).

Currently Mr. Jerzy Marcin Majewski primarily deals with legislation, drafting and providing opinions on legal acts, both passed by the Polish Sejm and corporate acts. He continues to be a recognised and respected arbiter of arbitration courts. He undertakes judicial representation and defence in penal matters only in the precedent-setting lawsuits and in drawing up appeals and cassation appeals.

Ms. Majewski has worked with our Law Firm on a permanent basis since the beginning of 2015.