Aleksandra Sobczyńska

Aleksandra Sobczyńska, attorney-at-law, in 1998 graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia, then in 2002 she completed court training. She gained professional experience practicing in the period of studies and the training in the economic legal office of legal counsels and attorneys-at-law, and then in 2002-2007, by ruling in penal departments. She was entered on the list of attorneys of the District Bar Council in Poznań in March 2008.

Owing to many years of judicial practice, she is specialist in judicial issues, both in respect of economic proceedings and civil proceedings. She successfully handles matters of penal economic law and penal tax law. She is engaged in providing legal advice to local government units, including being a member of supervisory boards of capital companies with local government participation, and she represents local governments in litigation. For years, she has been interested in the issues of mediation and introducing practical solutions aimed at amicable termination of disputes between entrepreneurs and state bodies.