Motor insurance

A wide range of actors operating in the market offering mandatory and voluntary motor insurance, variety of offers, and especially numerous cases of understating or non-payment of due compensation are associated more and more often with a need to use professional legal assistance to protect one’s own rights and interests.

In terms of motor insurance claims, the Law Firm’s offer mostly includes:

  • pursuing before the court of claims related to vehicle damages as a result of road collision and understatement of the amount of due compensation;
  • drafting legal opinions and commissioning valuations of damage;
  • conducting proceedings for compensation for injuries resulting from a road collision;
  • pursuing claims related to the so-called cashless vehicle repair and rental of replacement vehicles;
  • negotiating with representatives of insurance companies and extra-judicial resolution of disputes;

In respect of pursuing claims against insurance companies, the Law Firm cooperates with Poznańskie Biuro Rzeczoznawców Samochodowych (read more at

Experience: The Law Firm represents authorised dealers and service stations, as well as vehicle rental companies, conducting currently approx. 2,500 lawsuits against insurance companies.


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