Environmental protection and waste management law

Environmental protection is an extremely complicated issue in Polish legislation. Undertaking many different types of activities requires first going through complex procedures related to environmental impact assessment of a planned project. In addition, also in the course of their business activities, most of entrepreneurs remain within the application of standards of widely understood environmental law.

Our lawyers offer in particular assistance in:

  • analysing investments in terms of applicable standards in the field of environmental law;
  • conducting proceedings in order to obtain environmental decisions;
  • preparing relevant applications in the field of the law on waste and mining waste, including for the issuance of permits for collection or treatment of waste;
  • providing legal support to entities managing landfills;
  • we conduct proceedings regarding the approval of the mining waste management;
  • conducting complex administrative procedures in the field of environmental protection and waste management;
  • current issues encountered by entrepreneurs in the field of environmental protection, in particular on the occasion of inspections carried out by competent public authorities.


The Law Firm has extensive experience in providing services to entities operating in sectors related to environmental protection, in particular waste management. This type of activity is tightly regulated, and our Law Firm provides comprehensive support at every stage of obtaining relevant permits.

In addition, we support companies engaged in the management of closed landfills and implementing reclamation work.


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