August 4, 2017

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After passing professional exams and solemn vows, our apprentices joined the
Bar.  We sincerely congratulate Attorney Michalina Jusik, Attorney
Aleksander Wosicki, Attorney Izabella Katzor, Attorney Elżbieta Staszak and
Legal Adviser Kindze Olejnik - Cieśla.

May 30, 2017

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„Sobczyński Adwokaci” Legal Team, in collaboration with consulting company FSG Biznes, advised the Rotometal Company and its owners, during the transaction of obtaining the investor – private equity Highlander Partners fund. This dealing was a part of FSG Law Sobczyński sp.k. project.
Rotometal is one of the most important in Europe producer of the specialist printic tools, hiring 110 people in their workshop in Świebodzin.
The team of the lawyer’s office consisted of advocate Michał Sobczyński and advocate Jerzy Polachowski. The Highlander fund was represented by the GESSEL law firm.

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May 2, 2017

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16th place in Greater Poland with regard to the number of lawyers and legal
advisors (11th place in the promotion) and 132th place in Poland in terms of
the number of lawyers.

Such are the results of the law firm Sobczyński Lawyers sp. P. In this
year’s prestigious Law Firm Gazette 2017 Rzeczpospolita daily.

Thank you to all your colleagues and friends.

June 30, 2016

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FSG Law Sobczyńscy Limited Partnership is a joint project of lawfirm Sobczyńscy Advocates Limited Liability Partnership and FSG Group.

FSG Law is based on long and multidisciplinary experience of the Partners, lawyers,  consultants, analysts and implementation teams of individual companies of the FSG Group and lawfirm Sobczyńscy Advocates LLP.

FSG Law specialises in legal advice on mergers and acquisitions transactions, provides advisory at every stage of those proceedings. FSG Law also deals with corporate law, capital investment including structuring and restructuring of capital groups and solving business dispute.


June 4, 2016

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We are really pleased to inform that on June 4, 2016, the Assembly of Wielkopolska Bar Association elected the attorney Aleksandra Sobczyńska for the position of Judge of the Disciplinary Court of the Regional Bar Council in Poznań.

We warmly congratulate to Att. Aleksandra Sobczyńska!

May 18, 2016

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We are pleased to inform you that this year, among a group of long-term co-workers who acquire their professional experience in the law firm Sobczyńscy Adwokaci Sp. p., six trainees passed their professional exam and successfully completed a period of training for an attorney-at-law and a legal counsel. Following their solemn vows, the group of legal counsels will be joined by the legal counsel Alicja Gawlas, while the ranks of the Bar will be joined by Katarzyna Gohling, attorney-at-law, Marta Szczepaniak, attorney-at-law, Paweł Małkiewicz, attorney-at-law, Maciej Jankowski, attorney-at-law, and Rafal Kaszyński, attorney-at-law.

We wish prosperity to all new legal counsels and attorneys-at-law on their further career path!


April 1, 2015

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The Supreme Court has clarified doubts arising from Art. 20 of the Act on Employment of Temporary Workers, and relating to determining the effect of exceeding the 36-month period during which a temporary worker works for one employer. The Supreme Court assumed that exceeding of that period does not entitle a temporary worker to demand establishment of an ordinary (according to the Labour Code) employment relationship, but it can only result in an administrative penalty for an employment agency.

Ruling of the Supreme Court was issued as a result of a cassation appeal filed by the law firm on behalf of a defendant – an employment agency – against the judgment issued by the Court in Piotrków Trybunalski which determined in that case the existence of an employment relationship between the worker and the temporary employment agency. The Supreme Court accepted the arguments contained in the cassation appeal and set aside the judgment of the Court of Second Instance in grounds for its judgment, providing at the same time an interpretation of Art. 20 of the Act on Employment of Temporary Workers (I PK 203/14).

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January 20, 2015

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We are pleased to announce that the law firm Sobczyńscy Adwokaci Sp. p. has established a permanent cooperation with Mr. Jerzy Marcin Majewski, attorney-at-law. Mr. Jerzy Marcin Majewski has an of counsel position in the firm.

Since 2009, Jerzy Marcin Majewski, attorney-at-law, has been engaged in legislation, giving opinions on laws, drafting and reviewing corporate legal documents, drafting contracts, provisions of arbitration law, as well as interpretation in preparation of appeals and cassation appeals.

Mr. Majewski is part of the Team for development of a request to examine the constitutionality of the Act amending the Code of Penal Procedure (with regard to granting defending counsel’s rights in penal cases to a professional legal counsel), appointed by the Supreme Bar Council. Following a speech of Mr. Jerzy Marcin Majewski at the plenary session of the Supreme Bar Council on 16 January 2015, the Supreme Bar Council decided to refer to the Constitutional Court.

Such cooperation between the company Sobczyńscy Adwokaci and Mr. Jerzy Marcin Majewski will help us expand the range of services with legal assistance related to drafting of legislation, lobbying, preparing constitutional requests and complaints to the Constitutional Court.