Sobczyńscy Adwokaci Sp.p.

The law firm Sobczyńscy Adwokaci provides comprehensive legal services to Polish and foreign economic entities and represents individual Clients in judicial proceedings. We conduct our business in the form of a partnership Sobczyńscy Adwokaci sp. p. We have been on the market since 2005. We provide regular legal services, as well as run a number of important and unprecedented issues, helping our Clients to achieve their business objectives.

In our activities, we focus on reliability, diligence, availability and commitment to issues of our Clients. Our striving to continuously improve the level of our services, effective solving of complex legal issues, constant following of legal changes, allows us to meet Clients’ expectations and strengthen the trust they have in us.

Tel. 61 654 98 00
Fax 061 852 58 32